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Trains :: Prague → Bratislava

How to get from Prague to Bratislava by train

There are 8 direct trains between Prague and Bratislava. Two of them go overnight.

From station:Praha hl.n. (Prague main railway station)
Praha-Holešovice (Prague Holešovice station)
To station:Bratislava hl.st. (Bratislava Main Railway Station)

Direct trains: Prague - Bratislava

from €25 *
Paper ticket
from €27**
couchette / bed
from €42
EC 273 Csárdás05:4909:50Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1035 RegioJet07:1911:12Buy now
EC 275 Jaroslav Hašek07:5211:50Buy nowBuy now
EC 277 Slovan09:5213:50Buy nowBuy now
EC 279 Danubius11:5215:50Buy nowBuy now
EC 173 Hungaria /341/43113:5217:50Buy nowBuy now
RJ 1031 RegioJet15:1919:12Buy now
EC 281 Jan Jesenius15:5219:50Buy nowBuy now
EC 283 Slovenská strela17:5221:50Buy nowBuy now
EN 477 Metropol 2.23:5805:36Buy nowBuy now
Schedule valid from 2016-12-11 to 2017-12-09

Prices of overnight trains (sleepers) Prague – Bratislava

This is what you have to pay extra for an overnight train.

couchette couchette bed bed bed
6p coupé 4p coupé 3p coupé 2p coupé 1p coupé
6 EUR 9 EUR 12 EUR 18 EUR 42 EUR

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