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Route of train: EC 337 Jižní expres /462/466

Praha-Holešovice 17:44Connection to the undergroundThe train does not wait for any connections.0 km
Praha hl.n.17:5317:58Connection to the undergroundThe train does not wait for any connections.3 km
Tábor19:1819:19The train does not wait for any connections.106 km
České Budějovice20:0220:06172 km
Velešín město20:2520:26195 km
Kaplice20:3620:37205 km
Rybník20:5220:53222 km
Summerau21:0621:08235 km
Freistadt21:1621:17244 km
Kefermarkt21:2521:26254 km
Pregarten21:3621:37265 km
Linz Hbf22:061:00297 km
Wels Hbf1:141:16322 km
Salzburg Hbf2:102:30424 km
Innsbruck Hbf4:234:31619 km
Landeck-Zams5:185:20677 km
Bludenz6:206:25757 km
Feldkirch6:376:40778 km
Buchs SG6:567:12 
Zürich HB8:20  
Schedule valid from 12/13/2020 to 12/11/2021
  • Train type: Eurocity
  • Train is composed only from wagons with beds / couchettes.
  • Direct car
  • Sleeper carriages with beds
  • AC 230 V outlet is available
  • From the station Linz Hbf (dep. 1:00) Train EN 462
  • From the station Salzburg Hbf (dep. 2:30) train no. 466

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