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Bus stop Düsseldorf - Hbf.: Düsseldorf main railway station

  • Address: Worringer Straße 140, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Coordinates (GPS): 51.222740, 6.795209
  • WWW: official website
  • Bus companies that are using this stop: RegioJet, Deutsche Bahn AG, Deutsche Bahn AG (OLT), Flixbus

The only bus terminal where all the international lines depart, to the left from the central post office, close to the Hotel Asáhi. At the Worringer Straße there is the SARAY-IMBISS restaurant (across the stop), there is also a sale point of the Touring bus tickets.

Düsseldorf ZOB

Düsseldorf ZOB – plan

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Düsseldorf main railway station on map

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