Route of train: EC 39 1.2.

This schedule is obsolete. It was valid in years: 2018/2019

Hamburg Hbf 17:28 
Lübeck Hbf18:0418:06Stops only for boarding. 
Roedby Faerge20:1320:20 
Nykoebing F st20:4320:47 
Vordingborg st21:1021:11 
Naestved st21:2721:29 
Roskilde st22:0922:11 
Hoeje Taastrup st22:1922:23 
Koebenhavn H22:39 Stops only for getting off. 
  • Train type: Eurocity
  • There are cars with 1st and 2nd class
  • Seat reservation is available (Hamburg Hbf->Puttgarden(MS))
  • Wagon with a bar (Puttgarden->Puttgarden(MS))
  • Wagon with a bar (Puttgarden(MS)->Koebenhavn H)
  • Border crossing [D/DK]: Puttgarden(MS)

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